This started as my internship in web design and I ended up working on it for bit over 3 years. This was a startup that aimed create an web based restaurant reservation management service. This was way back when skewmorphism was the shit.

Back en of the app, here the restaurants could manage their freservations. Most restaurant in colombia use really old windows CE pcs... whihc meant this app was way out of being widespread usable. Also I had o keep the design under 800x 600 px and fluid. 
The app allowed to drag and rop tables to sort of make a map of the restaurants table layout. I don;t think the developers ever got it working.
Eventually reality dawned that actually most colombia restaurants didn't even had a website, so we started offering a free white label template for each restaurant to have one. I was in charge of every one of the of course. 
This was one of the most traumatizing evenings in my life mainly, because the woman I had to photograph, the owner of the restaurant was a complete bitch about it makign me miserable at any chance she got.
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